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Improve Your Medication Adherence. Improve Your Quality of Life.

It is vital that you take the right medications, at the right time, and with the right dose. It is also important that you are taking the right medications for your condition. However, we know that some customers have a hard time managing their medications, which is why we are offering our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program.

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What is involved Medication Therapy Management?
Essentially, our MTM Program at Shawn Specialty Pharmacy is designed to help our customers better understand their medications – how it works and how it can affect them. Through our MTM Program, we want our customers to take an active approach when it comes to managing their medications and drug therapies.

How does it work?
During the consultation, our pharmacists will answer any and all questions that you may have about your medications. Whether they are about OTC drugs, non-prescription medications, vitamins, and/or supplements, our pharmacists are ready to provide the information that you need. They can also review your current drug therapy and medications to ensure that they are necessary, safe, and effective. Experiencing side effects? Our pharmacists can also evaluate the side effects that you are experiencing and they can provide ways to better manage them.

What are the goals of the MTM Program? Who can benefit from it?
All specialty patients will be automatically enrolled in our MTM Program. Any other patient can simply call and schedule an appointment with our pharmacist. The goals of our MTM Program are:

  • To reduce costs.
  • To reduce the duplication of medications from multiple doctors.
  • To watch OTC and herbal vitamins that can interact with your medicines.
  • Pharmacist can make sure that you are taking your medications safely, effectively, and at the right time to avoid side effects.

Talk to Us
Interested to know more about our MTM Program? Please contact us at 718-417-0200 to speak with one of our friendly pharmacists.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to have your updated contact info on our records. Kindly inform our pharmacy staff if you recently changed your phone number and/or email address so you can continue to receive refill reminders from Shawn Specialty Pharmacy.