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We are committed to making medications available, even for rare disorders like hemophilia.

A hereditary disorder, hemophilia affects the ability of the blood to clot properly. When the blood lacks the necessary blood clotting proteins or clotting factors, this leads to blood clotting issues. Hemophilia is a genetic disease which means that it can be inherited by an individual from one or both of his or her parents.


A person with hemophilia suffers from extensive bleeding when they get wounded. Most of the time, scrapes and other smaller cuts do not have a large impact on the overall well-being of the patient. But, internal bleeding is a cause of greater concern for patients with hemophilia. There is a likelihood of bleeding inside their elbows, knees, and ankles. The most concerning part are the damage done by internal bleeding to the organs and tissues of the body. This can result in a life-threatening situation.

There is still no definite cure for hemophilia. Patients with this rare disorder can maintain a happy, comfortable, and productive life, though, with the help of a suitable treatment and proper self-care such as in-home, prophylactic use of clotting factor which improved the quality of life of so many patients by reducing the bleeding events.

At Shawn Specialty Pharmacy, we can supply you with medications that can help manage hemophilia. We can also provide education and understanding on how to deal your disease in case of bleeding. Some of the medications typically included in managing hemophilia include the following:

  • Advate (factor VIII)
  • AlphaNine SD (factor IX)
  • Bebulin VH (factor IX)
  • BeneFIX (factor IX)
  • Helixate FS (factor VIII)
  • Hemofil M (factor VIII)
  • Koate-DVI (factor VIII)
  • Kogenate FS (factor VIII)
  • Monoclate-P (factor VIII)
  • Mononine (factor IX)
  • Profilnine SD (factor IX)
  • Recombinate (factor VIII)
  • ReFacto (factor VIII)

We highly encourage you to consult with your doctor about which medications are appropriate for your situation. You can also visit the National Hemophilia Foundation (https://www.hemophilia.org/) website for more information.

If you ever need further info about hemophilia and what we can do to help you, kindly contact us at 718-417-0200 where you can talk to one of our staff. If you need ancillary supplies to manage your health condition, please give us a call. You can also fill out the refill form online if you are currently a patient at Shawn Specialty Pharmacy.

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