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A Commitment to Care. Your Needs Will Always Be Our Priority.

At Shawn Specialty Pharmacy, we offer our Commitment to Care (CTC) Program to all of our customers. We established this program to encourage our customers to take a more proactive approach when it comes to managing their health and medications.

patient holding a bottle of medicine talking to a pharmacist

A Personalized Service
Different people have different needs and circumstances. With this understanding, we make sure to provide a personalized service to all of our customers. Our services are delivered according to individual needs. Additionally, we can work in collaboration with your physician and healthcare team to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate care and drug therapy possible.

Highest Professional Standards
Every service, recommendation, and assistance that we provide is based on the pharmaceutical industry’s established care standards. At Shawn Specialty Pharmacy, we operate with the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure the safety of our customers.

Benefits of Our CTC Program
When you choose to participate in our CTC Program, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved Medication Therapy Adherence
  • Prevention of Medication Errors
  • Education and Counseling About Your Medications
  • Identifying Financial Assistance Programs that Can Help You

Get In Touch
Feel free to call us at 718-417-0200 to learn more about our CTC program.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to have your updated contact info on our records. Kindly inform our pharmacy staff if you recently changed your phone number and/or email address so you can continue to receive refill reminders from Shawn Specialty Pharmacy.